St. John STEM Magnet High School Program

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Principal's Message

Dear Parents and Community,

The excitement surrounding the STEM Magnet High School Program is contagious, and we definitely want to continue in growing our parish with the spirit of excellence leading the way.  When this happens, kids win. In moving forward, I ask that you please join us in sending a message that our vision is to create a place that does nothing less than inspires creativity and promotes leadership in our youth.  We want our youth to be courageous enough to take risks and wise enough to reflect upon their work and address areas for improvement.  This is how they become better.  We desire to motivate them in their development of becoming the next generation of global problem-solvers and in understanding the many opportunities that exist to make the world a better place.  In turn, we all reap the benefits of our work. 

Why A Magnet High in St. John the Baptist Parish Schools?

Creating an advanced option for parents and children that focuses strongly on providing opportunities for students who already excel in math and science to be exposed to a learning environment centered on STEM education is a win for all stakeholders. Such a place will at the very least pave the way for our medical doctors, pharmacists, engineers, scientists, and programmers of tomorrow.  As for preparing the next generation of leaders in these STEM career fields, it is essential in today’s society to prepare students to be critical thinkers and problem-solvers. And this is exactly what STEM education does at its core.  Twenty-first century employers are looking for people competent in math, science, and engineering that can solve new problems and produce marketable products and services. 

Life after College/ Financial Stability

Succeeding in a STEM environment throughout high school and moving on to complete a four-year degree in higher education can automatically place a candidate in the higher end of the salary bracket for a STEM job. According to recent studies, a starting salary for an entry-level employee in a STEM job is 26 percent higher than a job in a non-STEM field. Currently, there is a shortage of STEM graduates and a high demand for opportunities in this field. In order to meet the demand of the future job market, it is necessary that our children invest in STEM today!

Again, thank you for investing in our children and in our community, and we are looking forward to a fantastic school year!



Terran Perry