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Our Mission Statement:

Mission Statement
The Mission of the SJBP STEM Magnet Program is to cultivate leadership, innovation, and academic achievement by connecting people, purpose, and practice.  
Vision Statement
SJBP STEM Magnet Program inspires creativity, promotes leadership, and cultivates well-rounded, lifelong learners while focusing on the development of global problem solvers in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.
  • 1:1 Student to computer ratio
  • $58 Million in Capital Bond Improvements
  • Universal Pre-K
  • Established St. John the Baptist Education Foundation to Support Teachers and Students

About Us

School colors: Green and gold
Located in Reserve, the St. John STEM Magnet High School Program will educate more than 200 students in its first year. The program was founded in 2018 to provide high school students with the opportunity to focus on college preparatory mathematics, science, and English language arts courses while focusing on a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) career. Career pathways available in the program include digital design and pre-engineering, with classes such as robotics, engineering design, programming, digital storytelling, web design and photography, motion graphics, and video. The school currently educates grades 8th through 12th.   
 The St. John STEM Magnet High School has partnered with two of the state's leading universities to provide curriculum and opportunities for its students. As part of the STEM Magnet High School's partnership with Louisiana State University, students will be able to earn dual enrollment credits that will directly transfer to LSU and most other public universities in the state while following the curriculum developed for LSU STEM Pathway Courses in pre-engineering, digital design and, in the future, biomedical sciences. Math and science teachers at the STEM Magnet High School will also receive additional training through the university. The school has also partnered with Xavier University’s College of Pharmacy to allow St. John students to take specialized courses focused on the medical field, while also participating in career-focused activities and clubs offered by the university. Dual enrollment credits earned in these areas will also transfer to the university.

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Program Administrator’s Message

Dear Families of STEM,
Thank you for selecting the STEM Magnet Program as the school of choice for your child. We appreciate the trust that you have given us to make every effort to give your child what he/she needs to move on to post-secondary education and be successful in life. At the STEM Magnet Program, our students receive a solid, educational foundation that we know will provide an unshakable foundation that is needed in life.
Educating our students is a 24/7 job! The STEM Magnet Program will partner with you in this task. We will work to provide a career-centered focus in all of our curriculum and academic pathways. The STEM Magnet Program will provide the guidance and support needed for each student to achieve the state-required course work for high school graduation while ensuring our pathways offer the “extra” needed to obtain entry into a four-year university. We have dynamic and supportive teachers who support our mission in a way where academic achievement will be at the forefront of every decision made. Due to the fact we are a program and not a school, our students will travel back to their home-based schools for extra-curricular and athletic activities. Our program provides extra-curricular activities in the area of robotics and chess. 
We believe that the heart of success begins with a positive home/school partnership. As STEM Magnet Program parents, we embrace the opportunity to work alongside you and your child as we provide learning opportunities to enrich their lives!
       Sincerely Yours in Education,
       Mrs. Gillian King-Hughes
Journey to Excellence